A significant brick in the building of The Urban Foundry was Meraki Hospitality – one of the hot and upcoming players in the F&B industry. Giving the initial momentum to the idea, were the minds of its three pioneering partners: Sangram Shirole, Suryabhan Shinde and Hrishikesh Shinde.

Meraki Hospitality and TUF envision furthering their exploration of the food industry through an elaborate experimentation of genres and concepts in their personal style of unblemished execution. They have a vision that has been eagerly anticipated and continue to reimagine the F&B industry with ideas that inspire.

The Urban Foundry is a modern, All-Day Bar and Eatery that has been created to radiate an industrial vibe. TUF has been conceptualized as a hangout that provides a rustic feel and foundry-esque ambience. Screaming ‘industrial design’ from ceiling to floor, we have filtered its concept into every aesthetic aspect. Every last detail has been tastefully accentuated to give you that industrious feel.

The idea was to set up a place that is designed in an urban way highlighting the industrious nature that can suit the modern post-work drinking and dining culture that is privileged indulgence. The menu boasts of comfort food to inspired food creations and a handcrafted cocktail menu that will have you in a tizzy, in the best sense of the word.

What sets The Urban Foundry apart is attention to every detail and dedicated execution with only one dream in mind – to create a thing of beauty – and after all, beauty is in the details

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    Sangram, his family's 2nd generation to participate in the hospitality business. Having procured a PGD in International Hospitality Management from Les Roches, Bluche, Switzerland, he has been doing it the conventional way. Restaurants like Shabree, Sharvaree, and By The Way are the projects that he is a part of which have been pivotal in his journey so far. His old school and conventional approach is what has helped build the Foundry ground up. Being a graduate from hospitality his insight and professional approach towards the industry is his forte that plays an important role in blending the old school ways with the modern approach to match todays time and age.

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    Suryabhan, from a 3rd generation business family, has completed his B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Dubai and is a Post Graduate in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, UK. In spite of a strong academic background, he always wanted to venture into the guild of fine and creative hospitality. Although with a technical background his contribution in the making of TUF was indeed crucial given his exposure to the 5 years he spent in Dubai and UK. Always inclined towards F&B, and being the youngest turk on board his approach towards the concept and implementation was a fresh take on building The Urban Foundry.

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    Hrishikesh, a Bachelor of Commerce, whose interest in restaurants, arose purely through an instant attraction that gravitated him to the industry. Coming from a 3rd generation business family and someone who’d not ventured in the hospitality business in the past, he found his passion after bringing the popular coffee bar brand Mocha to Pune and has been now in the hospitality business for over a decade now. Over the years, he has been associated with restaurants of unmatched popularity such as Stone Water Grill and Le Kebabiere. Both these restaurants have lived up to the hype that surrounded them, and are landmarks in the city’s fine social scene, with The Urban Foundry being the latest offering on the block.

The Urban Foundry is a modern, All-Day Bar and Eatery that has been created to radiate an industrial vibe. TUF has been conceptualized as a hangout that provides a rustic feel and foundry-esque ambience. Screaming ‘industrial design’ from ceiling to floor, we have filtered its concept into every aesthetic aspect. Every last detail has been tastefully accentuated to give you that industrious feel.



​​Soulful Sundays Fuze

8th Jan SUnday. 1:30 PM

Acoustic Fusion

An afternoon of Acoustic Fusion awaits as FUZE takes the stage at The Urban Foundry. With an eclectic mix of Western and Indian music, FUZE mesmerizes audiences with the Violin and the Djembe.

Live wire Friday Ashdin & Aubrey

13th Jan. 1:30 PM

Jazz N Blues Rock N Roll

It’s an evening of Jazz, Blues and Rock n Roll that’ll make your Friday the 13 th amazing. Ashdin and Aubrey take the stage at the Foundry, and enthral you with their rendition of some classics.

Soulful Sundays Silk

22nd Jan. 1:30 PM

Indie Pop Pop Fusion

The Foundry’s adding the zing to your lazy Sunday afternoon as SILK takes the stage with their Indie Pop, Pop and Fusion fare. With the mellifluous tunes of the Violin and the Guitar, it’s as soulful as a Sunday can get.

​​Live Wire Fridays Ruth & Vernon

9th December. 8:30 PM

Jazz n Blues Country Retro

Tune in for an absolutely electrifying Friday. A fantastic time is guaranteed.

Soulful Sundays Neeta & Robie

18th December. 1:30 PM

Indie Pop Commercial Pop

Treat your soul to something amazing before the Monday grind. Soulful Sundays is back this weekend.

Live Wire Friday Vijay & Jeson

23rd December. 8:30 PM

Classic Rockp

It’s the party season, and we’re going all out. Feel the vibes with us at this week’s Live Wire Fridays.

​​Soulful Sundays Nikhil & Gulshan

4th December. 1:30 PM

Indie Pop Pop Rock

Sit back, relax and re-connect with your soul as The Foundry goes into chill mode, this Sunday.

​​S​oulful ​S​undays​ Gulshan & Nikhil

6th November. 1.30 PM

Indie Pop Acoustic Fusion

Feels like your Sundays are lacking a little soul. Don't worry. The Foundry to the rescue.

Soulful ​S​undays Bee

20th November. 1.20 PM

Acoustic Blues Rock Indie Pop

Need a soothing buzz this weekend? Well, the Foundry's got just the soulful Bee.

Live Wire Fridays Willy & Fortuna.​

25th November. 8.30 PM

Mixed Bag

The end of the week deserves something electrifying, and that's what the Foundry has in store for you this Friday.


28th October, 8.30pm

Modern Pop Retro

Its an evening of acoustic bliss as Neeta and Robie kick off the weekend at TUF with your favourite tracks.


23rd October, 1.30pm

Folk Fusion Indie Pop

Mark your calendars as Anisha and Jonathan head to the Foundry for an electric Sunday afternoon.

Soulful Sundays​​ 3LOK

16th October, 1.30 PM.

English & Hindi Pop Rock

Sit back and let the music wash over your lazy Sunday, as the legendary 3LOK take the stage at the Foundry.

Live Wire Fridays​​ SILVER

7th October, 8.30 PM.

Reggae Progressive Rock

Swing to the rhythm with Max & Sav from SILVER. Their acoustic set comprises of spacy groovy originals of Reggae, Progressive Rock and Blues.

​​Live Wire Fridays SILK

30th September

Acoustic Instrumental Retro

We’ve got the supremely talented band - SILK at the Foundry. Their soulful music and positive vibes are bound to get you grooving. Catch them as they belt out some instrumental and English acoustic music on the guitar and the violin. It’s bound to be a killer Friday night!

Soulful Sundays LIVEWIRE

18th Sept

Classic Rock Retro Sufi

We’re brightening up the lazy Sunday afternoons. We have LIVEWIRE in the house who will stir your soul with some amazing Retro, Classic rock and Sufi music. It’s a Sunday scene that’ll charge you up for the week ahead.


2nd Sept

Pop Blues Retro

It’s the Live Wire Friday you need and deserve! We have the fabulous duo of Anisha & Jonathan coming down to the Foundry to enthral you with their Pop, Blues, Jazz and Retro fare.


26th Aug, 2016

Retro Rock Country Music

And so the weekend begins! We have TROY and RYAN ready to get your foot tapping at the Foundry. Having played together for 20 years, this duo knows how to get a crowd going with their Country, Rock and Retro fare. 26th August. 8.30 PM Onwards.


14th Aug, 2016

Acoustic fusion Indie

It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous Sunday at the Foundry. We have this awesome band known by the name of "SILK" coming over to create some magic on the strings of their guitar and violin. They will be belting out an acoustic set with their own fusion twist on some English and Hindi classics. 14th August. 1.30 PM onwards


5th Aug, 2016

Retro Alternative Rock

An eclectic mix of originals and classics will guarantee that you are never bored when this duo takes the stage. Singer-songwriter Raushan and Saket on percussions are taking the stage at the Foundry, this weekend. 5th August. 8.30 PM onwards.


22nd July, 2016

music night jazz

TUF Fridays welcomes singer-songwriter-composer Charmaine Lobo, a powerhouse of talent who can write and sing in six languages. Her deep, powerful lyrics are set to soulful pop tunes that echo the most complex of human emotions, while her hauntingly pleasant voice makes for an ethereal listening experience.

TUF SUNDAYS​ ​Acoustic ​Fusion​ Duo

17th July, 2016

bollywood fusion blues

TUF ​Sundays​ on 17th July will be a sound affair with the Acoustic Duo—Anisha Lakshmanan and Jonathan Marcelline—as they let loose with an eclectic playlist that features Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Bollywood and Fusion!


8th July, 2016

retro rock

Pune’s most recognized Rock ‘n’ Roll duo​ -​ Chris & Mike are coming soon to TUF​ Live Wire​ Fridays. With Miike on the vocals and Chris working his magic on the guitar, it’s going to be an evening of live retro-rock nostalgia at The Urban Foundry!

LIVE WIRE FRIDAYS W​ork in Progress

24th June, 2016

musical evening retro pop

​Abji, Ruth and Vernon enthralled the patrons at TUF with a medley of retro-pop tunes, making for a memorably musical evening​. Their act was the first of many more evening gigs about to take place at our Foundry. ​

​​Acoustic ​Fusion​

19th June, 2016

music night rock

The Raushan Verma Scheme is best described as a vivid musical tapestry incorporating influences as varied as soft/pop rock, progressive/alternative rock, but with a flavour that's unique to the band. Accompanying ​Raushan​ onstage is noted ​S​arod exponent Abhishek Borkar with his music firmly rooted in the Indian classical style.

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© 2016 Meraki Hospitality LLP. All rights reserved.

© 2016 Meraki Hospitality LLP. All rights reserved.